What Makes Summer Camp A Life-Changing Experience?

summer camp

Summer camp is more than an experience; it’s an immersion into a world where growth and discovery are constants. Unlike traditional camping where nights are spent away from home, summer camps offer a slice of this adventure with the added comfort of returning home each evening. In this exploration, summer camps emerge as crucibles of […]

How a Camp Counselor Role Builds Leadership

How a Camp Counselor Role Builds Leadership

The life of a camp counselor is one of diverse experiences, each day presenting new challenges and opportunities for growth. Every summer, thousands of young adults eagerly step into this multifaceted role, not just to retreat from the hustle of the city or to play and relax, but to learn and teach the art of […]

Building Trust Through Day Camp

building trust

When you come to day camp, it can be a little daunting. With so many unfamiliar faces around, some kids may feel overwhelmed and not sure of how to fit in. That’s why building trust is such an important part of any camp experience! Through activities, forming friendships, and setting ground rules together, day campers […]

How is Your Family Celebrating Spring Break?

spring break

With the long-awaited spring break just around the corner, parents are eager to get their kids out of the classroom and into some fun activities. Whether you’re looking for something educational or a unique way to spend quality time together as a family, there are plenty of ways to make this special break memorable without […]

4 Fun New Years Activities for You and Your Child

new years

With the new year upon us, it’s a perfect time to reset! As parents, this is a great time to bond with your children and begin a new chapter as the new year starts. Here are some fun New Years activities that you and your child can enjoy. New Years Ball Drop A New Year’s […]

Exploring Nature with Your Child This Fall

exploring nature

The fall is a beautiful season to get some bonding time with your child outdoors. The weather is not too hot and it’s not too cold; plus, with the falling leaves and changing weather conditions, there’s plenty to keep your child entertained outside. Here are some of the benefits for exploring nature with your child […]

5 Fun Halloween Activities for Your Child

halloween activities

With Halloween right around the corner, your child is probably bouncing off the walls with excitement. Thinking of all the free candy and dressing up will surely have your child giddy. Parents can gear their kids up for the upcoming holiday with these fun Halloween activities. Break those pumpkins out and get to carving! Halloween […]

3 Creative Summertime Activities for Your Child

creative summertime activities

It’s always fun under the sun, but sometimes you need to freshen things up for your child with some creative summertime activities! Trade in the sweat and the physical activity for a day of creative energy. You never know what your child’s imagination will come up with! From arts and crafts to fun games, there […]

5 Ways STEM Programs Are Beneficial to Your Child

kids doing class project

While it’s great to remain physically active on the field or on the court, partaking in activities that are also intellectually stimulating can have many benefits. At LuHi, not only do we have sports, but we also have a bustling STEM program. In fact, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) activities promote creativity, inventiveness, and ingenuity. […]

Preparing Your Child for Summertime Sports

kids playing sports

As the summer rolls around, your child may want to get involved in sports. Summertime sports are a great way for your child to remain physically active, as well as learn the skills of collaborating with teammates in real time.  Before you get your child involved in summertime sports, however, it’s important to take the […]