Preparing Your Child for Summertime Sports

kids playing sports

As the summer rolls around, your child may want to get involved in sports. Summertime sports are a great way for your child to remain physically active, as well as learn the skills of collaborating with teammates in real time.  Before you get your child involved in summertime sports, however, it’s important to take the […]

Safety Under the Sun for Your Child

kids playing on the field

With summertime at the helm and the weather getting hotter, your child will definitely want to be hanging outdoors until the sun goes down. While making sure your child is physically active and engaged is certainly important, emphasizing safety under the sun is also very crucial. As kids play under the summer heat, it’s imperative […]

How Camp Fosters Independence in Your Child

kids playing on a field

Sending your child to camp for the first time can be scary for parents — but fret not! Sending your youngsters off will not only be a fun experience for them, but it will also teach them crucial life skills, such as teamwork and critical thinking. Not only that, it will also help in fostering […]

Finding a Creative Outlet for Your Child

finding a creative outlet

Childhood is a formative time for every person. During this time, we learn how to interact with the people and things around us, and we develop skills that we’ll carry with us for the rest of our lives.  Childhood is also the time for children to explore themselves and their place in the world, in […]

Gift the Experience: Giving the Gift of Camp this Holiday Season

gift of camp

Although the summertime is months behind us, it’s hard not to think about the great memories made by the seemingly endless, carefree summers of our youth. But now, as parents, guardians, and family members, we have the ability to offer the next generation an opportunity to have these same meaningful summertime experiences through the gift […]