3 Creative Summertime Activities for Your Child

It’s always fun under the sun, but sometimes you need to freshen things up for your child with some creative summertime activities! Trade in the sweat and the physical activity for a day of creative energy. You never know what your child’s imagination will come up with!

From arts and crafts to fun games, there are a number of ways to get your child’s creative juices flowing. Here are three ways you can partake in creative summertime activities with your kids.

Balloon Car Races

What’s even more exciting than a car race? A balloon car race!

Yep, that’s right — strap on some helium and prepare for a thrill ride with this activity. Balloon car racing is a creative summertime activity that allows your child to explore their imagination and learn about science as well! With balloon car races, your child will learn about physics, engineering, and motion. Blowing the balloon up, for example, is a great demonstration of how energy is transferred, and how that motion ultimately propels your car forward like a rocket.

You can easily do this by grabbing a few balloons and some common household items to craft the car and watch it zoom off into the distance. Oh, and did we mention that balloon car racing is a part of our GIFT Program?

Partaking in Arts & Crafts

Arts & crafts are another one of those creative summertime activities for your child to partake in! With the big season change, there are a number of summer-related items a child can use to bring their wildest creations to life.

At your next picnic, grab some extra paper plates and scissors to make your unique paper plate rainbow fish — and you can add some color to it with paint, too! Or perhaps you have some leftover ice cream cones from the supermarket? Great! Throw some pom-poms and some sprinkles for a fluffy, vibrant surprise!

At LuHi, we offer a number of creative arts & crafts-related activities for your young camper to partake in. In fact, we can afford your child the opportunity to draw, paint, and even sculpt whatever their heart desires — and we offer woodshop classes!

Buoyancy Activities

When it comes to creative summertime activities that gets your child’s imagination flowing and the brains working, look no further buoyancy activities! 

Ever wondered how a boat floats? Or maybe you’re wondering — can my orange float in this tub of water? Well wonder no more! Grab a tall glass or a vase of water and a few materials and simply drop them in the water.

This creative summertime activity will have your child question — how exactly do objects float? It’s a perfect opportunity to not only have fun with your child, but also teach them the quirky science behind balancing weight and the force that water can exert on an object. You can even grab some outside materials including rocks, sticks, and seashells to test its buoyancy!

As part of LuHi’s GIFT Program, we also offer the “Build a Boat and Make it Float” activity, so your camper can experience the scientific wonders of buoyancy and beyond!

Creative Summertime Activities at LuHi

At LuHi, we create an environment conducive to your child’s imagination. Here, we encourage your child to explore all the world has to offer through sports, science, arts and crafts, and more — there truly are no limitations at LuHi! To learn more about LuHi and our GIFT Program, please visit our website and contact us today!

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