Closing Out the Winter Strong!

February marks the last full month of winter — which means it might be the end of snow and the cold weather for a while! However, that’s not such a bad thing, especially since spring is around the corner! Here’s how you and your children can bond and create lifelong memories together as winter comes to a close.

Make a Winter Scrapbook


Everything has become digital nowadays. From your pictures and videos to even your journaled memories, there’s practically nothing you can’t do on your phone. But one of the most beautiful ways to close out the winter strong is through making a scrapbook.

Setting aside time to create a scrapbook of the winter is a fun way to document what you’ve done, who you’ve met and where you’ve been. You can make a scrapbook from anything, but they’re usually made with photos and stickers. And as parents, you can help your child make a winter scrapbook by printing out some of your digitized memories and pasting them in there. You can even encourage your child to get introspective by having them write about some of their favorite memories this winter!

Scrapbooking even has some positive health benefits for you and your child — including improved mental acuity, self-worth, social skills, and dexterity!

Enjoy Some Hot Chocolate and Family Time

There’s no season better than the winter to enjoy some hot chocolate than the winter! That said, it’s best to get your last sips of this delicious treat before the weather begins warming up again (I mean, we love hot chocolate, but who wants to drink that under the sun?!). Sipping hot chocolate is a perfect family time activity — and in hanging out with your family, you guys could even partake in some wholesome activities as winter comes to a close. Some of our favorites include:

  • Board games
  • Watching movies together
  • Reading stories together

Get Ready for Spring

With spring soon on its way, it’s time to get ready for the warmer weather! With that, there are several things you can do to close out the winter strong and get ready for the new season.


With spring on the way, perhaps it’s time to hit the mall for the latest fashions. You’re not going to need long sleeves and thick jackets as the weather gets warmer, so opt for short sleeves and maybe some trendy jeans — remember it’s not going to be completely warm yet!

Begin a Countdown

If you’re ready for the winter to end and are looking forward to the spring, you and your family can begin a spring countdown! Hang a calendar in the family common area and start X’ing down the days until spring starts. It’s a great way to visualize and keep your kids engaged and entertained with the prospect of the upcoming season!

Closing out the Winter at LuHi

At LuHi, we encourage children to explore the world around them and engage with their curiosity. The winter is a perfect time to do so, as it allows for children to interact with their outside environment and uncover more about themselves and their surroundings.

As the spring approaches, parents are probably looking to get their kids signed up for camp. To learn more about our offerings, please visit our website and get in touch with us today!

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