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LuHi offers an extensive range of engaging activities and practical enrichment opportunities that foster valuable learning and skills development in an exciting and inclusive environment. With 25+ Specialty Programs in the areas of Athletics, Arts, Recreation, and STEM, as well as Traditional Day-Camp Style Programs, your can customize your camper’s summer to make the most of all LuHi has to offer!

LuHi Country Day

Action, Adventure, & Discovery await the campers of LuHi Country Day – the ultimate day camp experience! A culmination of LuHi’s culture, Country Day offers a safe & structured environment where campers are encouraged to engage in new experiences, form friendships, and most importantly, have fun!


Foster personal growth, team spirit, and perseverance with varied athletics programs designed to challenge and motivate athletes to be their best.


Inspire curiosity, spontaneity, and independence with a diverse arts program designed to nurture creativity and expression.


Spark new passions, hobbies and friendships with well-rounded recreation options to suit all learning styles and interests.


Galvanize tomorrow’s makers, creators and innovators with science and technology options that drive experimentation and investigation.

Your Journey Starts Here

LuHi Summer Programs, located on a scenic 32-acre campus in the heart of Brookville, has been the home and camp choice for thousands of Long Island children for 60 years.  We provide a fun-filled learning experience in a variety of sports, educational, and recreational programs to bring out the best in each of our campers. 

Offering a wide variety of programs in each of our 2-week sessions provides each family with the opportunity to customize their summer based on their schedule and child’s varying interests.  The day-camp format also allows children to experience all of the best parts of camp during the day and spend time with their families during the evenings and weekends.  Professionals in their specific field direct each LuHi program, providing experiences that educate, enrich, and inspire each child.

The Latest from LuHi

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