Gift the Experience: Giving the Gift of Camp this Holiday Season

Although the summertime is months behind us, it’s hard not to think about the great memories made by the seemingly endless, carefree summers of our youth. But now, as parents, guardians, and family members, we have the ability to offer the next generation an opportunity to have these same meaningful summertime experiences through the gift of camp. 

The benefits of camp are countless – for children and their families alike. In this article, we’ll discuss these many advantages, as well as how you can give the gift of camp to the children in your life this holiday season.


  • How Camp Affects the Growth and Development of Our Children
  • The Benefits of Camp
  • Enriching the Lives of Children Through the Gift of Camp

How Camp Affects the Growth and Development of Our Children

Through the nurturing and stimulating environment it provides, camp fosters self-respect and an understanding for human dignity within each child. At camp, children learn more about the people and things around them through experiential education made possible by the many activities facilitated by camps.

With the guidance of their counselors, campers discover who they truly are and wish to be as they work to improve their self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence, and self-respect alongside their peers.

Effective camps make for happier, more well-rounded children thanks to the elements of community and team-building that should be at the foundation of every camp activity or exercise. Children gain a better understanding of different perceptions and attitudes about the world, and they feel more comfortable speaking up for themselves, others, and their beliefs. 

In order to be successful, children need guidance for developing their senses of self-worth, competence, and belonging. Fortunately, the many benefits of camp allow children the knowledge and resources necessary to grow alongside their friends and peers. 

The Benefits of Camp

Socialization and Relationship Building

At summer camp, children have the ideal opportunity to learn important social and decision-making skills, as well as opportunities to explore the great outdoors. In addition to a well-rounded education and plenty of vegetables, socialization is essential to the growth and development of youngsters – and these principles continue on into adolescence. Camp provides the perfect environment for children to socialize with their peers and make lasting friendships.

Exercise and Outdoor Activity

As technology becomes harder and harder to escape, sedentary-related diseases are becoming more common. In fact, lack of exercise is a primary cause of disease and disability in the United States. Summer camp is an ideal solution for parents who want to keep their kids active and minimize their screen time at home over the summer. 

Life Skill Development

For children that have never been away from their parents, camp can feel like a vacation. On the flip-side, for less confident children, the camp experience may feel overwhelming. Camp allows children the opportunity to develop their feelings of self-worth by exploring their hobbies and identifying both their skills and shortcomings – all with the support and wisdom of camp counselors to encourage them. 

Enriching the Lives of Children Through the Gift of Camp

During this holiday season, we at LuHi Summer Programs invite you to consider giving the gift of camp to the special young person in your life. 

If you’re interested in giving the gift of camp this holiday season, consider LuHi Summer Programs. Gift Certificates available, visit for more information or call 516-626-1100 to schedule a private tour.

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