How Camp Fosters Independence in Your Child

Sending your child to camp for the first time can be scary for parents — but fret not! Sending your youngsters off will not only be a fun experience for them, but it will also teach them crucial life skills, such as teamwork and critical thinking. Not only that, it will also help in fostering independence.

Camp offers a great opportunity for your child to explore their autonomy. With activities that encourage your child to think outside the box, here are some ways camp can help your child foster their independence.

Spending time away from parents

Outside of school, camp provides a safe space for children to explore and imagine without parental supervision. While parental supervision is an important aspect of a child’s life, children quickly learn to make their own decisions without a guardian watching over their every move at camp — an integral part of fostering independence.

Here at LuHi, we offer a safe environment for your child to Play.Discover.Create. With an all-encompassing campus full of activities — from sports to dance; STEM to robotics — your child will be tasked with selecting a path of their choice based on their interests — marking a pivotal moment of independence in your child’s life.

Your child faces risk and challenges head-on

In going off to camp, your child will be thrust into a new environment teeming with new challenges, risks, and possibilities. Here at LuHi, your child is not only allowed, but also encouraged, to explore new and exciting prospects that foster independence.

Has your child expressed an interest in sports? Great! Not only do we have baseball and softball fields, but we also boast four full-sized NCAA basketball courts — on top of a dozen basketball courts! We also have tennis courts and an Olympic-sized swimming pool, so the exploration is endless for your child!

Sports are a great way to not only build teamwork and problem-solving skills, but they also foster independence by encouraging personal responsibility within your child. 

If that weren’t enough, perhaps your child can take the academic risk and jump into the STEM and robotics activities that we offer. Here, your child will experience the educational benefits and challenges that these fields present — all in a productive environment that encourages growth and independence.

Partaking in LuHi’s GIFT Program

At LuHi, we encourage young campers to explore their independence. That’s why we offer the GIFT Program!

GIFT, which stands for Great Ideas for Tomorrow, is a choice-based STEM program that allows children to pick their own paths best suited to their interests every day. Activities include the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Crafts, Sports, and Woodshop.

Our GIFT Program ultimately fosters independence by affording your child the opportunity to dive into their own interests, as well as explore new ones. With endless permutations, your child’s day can possibly consist of team handball, a magnetic boat race, movie making, and computer coding! There are no limits to what your child can do here at LuHi.

Visit this link to learn more about LuHi’s GIFT Program!

Fostering independence at LuHi

For years, LuHi has been a leading camp in fostering independence amongst the youth who walk our campuses. With our wide range of activities and programs, there are plenty of options for your child to explore, learn, and play here. 

While it may be scary for a parent and overwhelming for a child at first, camp provides a fulfilling and enriching experience that will leave your young one excited for the next year. Your child will come out of camp with a newfound sense of appreciation, creativity, and independence. 

If you would like to learn more about LuHi, please visit our website and contact us today!

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