Fashion Design

Boys Girls
Grade 4 - 9


Session IV | 8/12 – 8/23

The Fashionable Stylista

LuHi’s Fashion Design Program is powered by The Fashionable Stylista located in Hicksville, NY! Their academy teaches sewing, fashion sketching, CAD design, and fashion design skills for students who are interested in learning more about fashion. They provide a supportive, creative and educational environment where young future designers can learn skills that will make their designs come to life!

LuHi’s Fashion Design Program powered by The Fashionable Stylista will enable students to transform their fashion design ideas into tangible products! Throughout the program campers will feel what it’s like to be a fashion designer, experiencing the fullness of the design process. While learning about the designer of the week, campers will sketch a clothing collection, learn to make patterns, and sew two or so garments as well as accessories! Throughout the program campers will be learning fashion illustration, trend board design, pattern making, and sewing by hand and machine. Each day breaks down into multiple classes with an experienced instructor from the fashion industry. The program culminates with an amazing fashion show for family and friends, allowing campers to exhibit their work and show off their talent! Campers will be able to take home all garments and creations from their fashion design experience at LuHi.

Skills that Will Be Taught:

  • Fashion illustration and sketching
  • Patternmaking
  • Machine Sewing
  • Hand Sewing
  • Pinning/Ironing
  • Trend and Concept Board Presentation

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What to Expect

  • Skills taught by a fashion industry instructor
  • Hands on training of the fashion design process
  • Creative and interactive lessons
  • Encouraging and energetic environment
  • Fashion Show where students can showcase their designs!

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