3 Benefits of Dance for Your Child

Not only is dancing an incredibly physical activity, but it’s also highly useful in social situations. At LuHi, we offer a Dance Studio and encourage all campers to partake. Given its high number of advantages, here are a few benefits of dance for your child.

Improved Cardiovascular and Physical Health

There are many benefits of dance, with improved cardiovascular and physical health being one of them. As your child gets moving to the music, your child will experience an elevated heart and breathing rate. Getting a good sweat going also leads to improved circulation and better stamina — which can be useful for children who partake in other physical activities and sports. 

Healthline even notes that cardio exercise “can also help lower blood pressure, and keep your arteries clear by raising “good” high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol and lowering “bad” low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels in the blood.” It also serves to keep your child’s blood sugar in check, on top of improved cognitive function and a strengthened immune system.

Furthermore, through dance, your child also hones important physical skills like flexibility, mobility, and agility — making them a well-rounded athlete and performer on the dance floor and beyond.

Benefits of Dance Include Improved Social Skills

Benefits of DanceOn top of being a great physical workout, dancing is also a fantastic way to improve your social skills. 

And not only do we have our own dedicated Dance Studio, but here at LuHi, we also boast a magnificent Performing Arts Center. Here, your child can freely explore the wonders of dance and beyond while socializing with friends. Cultivating lifelong memories and friendships begins at LuHi’s Performing Arts Center!

Think about the countless scenarios you’ll find dancing. School dances, concerts, weddings, and more. Dancing is everywhere, and being able to express yourself freely through bodily movement opens up a whole new world of possibilities when meeting new people. This is particularly evident with our Dance program — hosted by Kara Milazzo — which brings together young ones and fosters teamwork and camaraderie as they learn the art of dance through the techniques of Ballet, Modern, Tap, and Jazz/Hip-Hop.

At LuHi, we also have a bustling Kickline, Dance, & Pom program — also hosted by Kara Milazzo — which fosters self-confidence in a team environment while learning hip-hop & jazz, kickline, cheer, and pom choreography.

Teamwork, trust, cooperation, and a shared camaraderie with everyone in the room are just a few benefits of dance!

Improved Self-Esteem

Learning a new hobby or a new activity can be challenging, but mastering it can ultimately feel rewarding. More benefits of dance include improved self-esteem and a bolstered self-image.

Expressing oneself through dance is a great way for children to channel their emotions in a safe and productive environment, which also boosts their self-esteem as they see progress in their performance. This ultimately manifests itself in your child’s everyday life, as they will become more confident when communicating with others, be it through one-on-one conversation or speaking to a crowd. It also proves to be valuable as a motivational tool.

And dancing, while mainly a physical activity, provides a great opportunity to hone interpersonal skills like social interaction and public speaking. Being in a team environment allows for your child to be uplifted by others, and to also do the uplifting — fostering a positive self-image for all involved.

Experiencing the Benefits of Dance at LuHi

LuHi is home to some of the most diverse summer programs on Long Island. From sports to performing arts to dance, there’s something for everyone here at LuHi — and our passionate camp counselors are here to guide your children along the way.

Your child can experience the benefits of dance at LuHi with our dedicated Dance program and Kickline, Dance, & Pom program. To learn more, take a look at our website, explore our offerings, and contact us today!

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