Counselor in Training (CIT)

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Grade 9 - 10


Session I | 7/1 - 7/12* Session II | 7/15 – 7/26 Session III | 7/29 – 8/9 Session IV | 8/12 – 8/23
* LuHi will be closed two days during Session 1: July 4th & July 5th, 2024.
All Session 1 prices have been reduced to reflect that closure.

Krystle Canino, Mike Ierano

Krystle Canino

Krystle has been part of the Luhi Summer programs team for 23 years. Starting at LuHi at the age of 16, she worked as an athletic trainer for our off-campus athletics programs. Her second year at LuHi, she became a counselor for the Funtastics Program and later moved on to become an athletics and field trip coordinator. Currently, Krystle is one of the co-directors of the CIT program. She uses her 16 years of teaching experience and 23 years of involvement in different aspects of LuHi’s operation to help prepare young adults for future leadership roles working with children in camps and other professional settings.

Mike Ierano

Mike Ierano brings nearly 15 years of teaching, coaching, and camp experience to the CIT director team. He is a PE and Health teacher at JFK Middle School in Bethpage and has held many roles here at LuHi including athletics coordinator, woodshop director, support team member, and CIT program co-director. Mike brings his varied experiences from the classroom, the field, and our camp programs to foster team spirit, leadership, and fun in the CIT program.

Our CIT program is designed to prepare 9th and 10th graders to potentially become LuHi counselors in the future as our pool of former CITs is where we pull the bulk of our staff. The curriculum includes a CPR certification course as well as hands-on experiences with different age groups and areas of concentration. Typically, CITs work in programs like LuHi Country Day or G.I.F.T. as these are two of the largest and most diverse offerings, but if CITs show particular talent or interest in one of our specialized areas, they may be able to assist in those as well, but it is not guaranteed. Leadership and team-building are also crucial parts of this program that give participants skills and strengths to apply in all areas of life.

Please note that lunch is included in this program.

What to Expect

  • Leadership development
  • Collaborative work
  • Guest speakers
  • CPR Training
  • Diverse program experiences

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