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  1. Baseball and Softball – Baseball and softball players unite! At LuHi, we host beautiful, lush baseball and softball fields ready for players between Grades 4 to 10 to hit the mound. With our experienced coaches, LuHi’s baseball program focuses on developing and advancing your child’s technique so they can hit a home run in no time! And that’s not all — we also lay claim to our flag football field close by! In partnership with the Long Island Flag Football League, this program is directed by Muhammad “Moose” Mahmood and George Higgins.
  2. Wiffleball/Kickball – Beyond our baseball and softball fields, LuHi is also home to a wonderful Wiffleball and Kickball Field! Here, your camper can enjoy other games like Kickball, Wiffle Ball, Froggy Ball, and much more! There are also outdoor grass volleyball courts for those looking to bump! LuHi also offers an extraordinary Volleyball program. Not to mention, this is where a lot of our LuHi Country Day events take place!
  3. LuHi Hill Top – Welcome to the LuHi Hill Top! A staple of our campus, we hold a number of special events up on this great hill. Events include Waterside Wipeout on Fridays, as well as the famous rocket launch for the G.I.F.T. Program! Onlookers will know when LuHi is within distance, as the iconic hill can be seen from the road and entrance of the camp.
  4. Mini Golf – Tee up, anyone? For all putting enthusiasts, LuHi offers a scenic Mini Golf course right near the famous LuHi Hill. With nine holes on the course, there’s a special flare and challenge for all players and newcomers! Take a quick break and enjoy some leisure time right here!
  5. Tennis Court – For those who like doing it for the thrill of it, LuHi now offers a freshly-redesigned set of tennis courts — just in time for Summer 2022! Nestled just past the Recreational Field, LuHi Director Jason Wass brings 25+ years of experience in tennis and plans to rebuild the tennis program alongside director Chuck Russell. And in the case of inclement weather, campers can be shuttled off to Jericho Indoor Tennis Courts. Campers between Grades 4 to 12 are welcome.
  6. Water Slide – Need to cool off on a hot summer day? Look no further than LuHi’s very own water slide! This is also the home of our signature Waterslide Wipeout. Campers ages 3-17 welcome!
  7. Turf Field – Sports lovers rejoice! If you can’t get enough of athletics, head on over to our massive, dedicated turf field! At the turf field, you’ll find flag footballers who split their time between here and their own field. On top of that, both our Boys and Girls Soccer programs for 4th – 10th graders live here. It’s also home to many of LuHi Country Day’s activities — from flag football to water games and more! Don’t forget to cool off with our conveniently located water fountains here as well.
  8. Bus Courts – Our bus courts provide safe and unparalleled transport for all campers. With three forms of transportation offered, it’s encouraged that parents call our office for more details.
    Our Boys Basketball program, directed by John Buck, is also hosted at the nearby basketball courts. 4th – 8th graders welcome! We also have water fountains located here and at the turf for campers to remain cool and hydrated throughout the day.
  9. Performing Arts Center – Our renowned Performing Arts Center is home to our vast creative programs! From STEM to Visual Arts to Fashion, there’s something to satisfy all your imaginative desires! Director Kara Milazzo guides 2nd graders and up through the Here’s to Me, Dance, Kickline, Dance & Pom, and Here’s to Me programs. We also have Competitive Gaming & E-Sports, Video Game Design, and Engineering & Robotics — all directed by Harold Kennedy. Marcela Pinzon leads the Fashion Program, while the Visual Arts program is directed by Elisa Bruno!
  10. Pool – It’s always pool time here at LuHi! Every camper, regardless of age, is swim tested on the first day to determine where is safe for them to swim and what practices are best suited for their needs. With lifeguards on duty at all times and flotation devices like swim vests, pool noodles, and kickboards offered, we ensure the safest pool experience for your child. We also offer swim instructions Monday through Thursday for LuHi Country Day and G.I.F.T. Program campers. Changing Stations coming this summer!
  11. Visccher Gym – While younger campers play ball by the bus courts, the Visscher Gym is home to the Boys Basketball program for campers in 9th – 12th grade. Boys and girls volleyball, 5th grade and up, also call the Visscher Gym home! All camp programs start their day in the gym for arrival, and end their day in the gym for dismissal. There is temporary parking available in the back for parents to pick up their camper at the end of the day! Parents must bring valid ID that matches the information on their camp account.
  12. Cafeteria – Everyone needs a place to replenish! Nestled away from the noise, our cafeteria offers food to campers who opt into our lunch program for $50 a week. Campers are allowed to bring their own lunch. We also offer kosher options from Bagel Boss! View our lunch menu here.
  13. G.I.F.T. Lawn – Here lies the G.I.F.T. Lawn! Located right by the cafeteria, LuHi’s G.I.F.T. Lawn serves as the “backyard” to our renowned G.I.F.T. Program. This is where most messy G.I.F.T. Program activities take place, alongside rec activities like nukum, volleyball, and Gaga. Our G.I.F.T. Program is available to boys and girls from 3rd to 9th grade and allows for full customization of your camper’s schedule.
  14. Clubhouses – Near the G.I.F.T. Lawn, you will find the LuHi Country Day and G.I.F.T. Clubhouses. Here, LCD campers will meet in the morning as they run through their schedules and receive their lunch cards (for those who opt into our lunch program). This is where indoor G.I.F.T. activities, lunchtime, and end of day procedures happen for our G.I.F.T. campers.
  15. Enchanted Forest – Take a quick break from the sun at the Enchanted Forest! The Enchanted Forest is a great place for campers to get some shade, relax, and enjoy a nice view of the pool. Here, you’ll also find a camp favorite — one of our Gaga Pits! Campers can get a quick game in before making their next move.
  16. Upper Courts – For those who can’t get enough of our sports, the Upper Courts are just for you! A versatile area, many games are played here. From floor hockey to basketball, there’s plenty of fun to be had here! It’s also a great place to catch some cool shade from the sun!
  17. Playground – Located near the Ammerman Center is the Playground! Generally used by LuHi Country Day campers, our Playground gives your child the opportunity to play, explore their imagination, and expand their creativity! Here, campers can play classics like freeze tag and make believe. They can also cool off under the shade, or even partake in the Spider Web Climb to stay active!
  18. Outdoor Amphitheater – The Outdoor Amphitheater is the perfect place for entertainment! Take a break from the physical activities and partake in new experiences. Here, you can find fencing showcases, puppet shows, Bingo, and so much more! Our beloved Nature Nick also performs here! It’s also used for G.I.F.T. Program meetings.
  19. The Ammerman Center – The Ammerman Center, located near the Playground, houses many programs and activities for campers! Here, you’ll find primarily the Fencing and Dance programs. The Fencing program, directed by Jimmy and Johnny Ferraiolo, is available to boys and girls from 5th grade and up. The Dance program, directed by Miss Kara, is available for boys and girls 2nd grade and up — and is perfect for developing confidence and teamwork. The gym space is used for athletic instruction in a variety of programs, as well as special events in LCD such as Color Wars, Pep Rallies, shows, and more.
  20. Ninja Warrior Course – Who’s ready for some Ninja Warrior?! Located just by the Tie Dye Tent, Ninja Warrior is a magnificent activity for campers who love physical activity! Our brand new Ninja Warrior course is home to a number of activities — including warped wall, rock climbing, quad steps, rope, bungee bridge, and more. Test your might here!
  21. Tie Dye Tent – Exercise your creative muscles with our dedicated Tie Dye Tent! Located right by the Ninja Warrior Course, campers can take a break from the physical activities and partake in fun arts and crafts here. The Tie Dye Tent is also home to activities like Master Chef Jr., Tie Dye Take Over, and more.
  22. Dance Studios – It’s never a bad time to dance here at LuHi! Our air-conditioned dance studio is designed to encourage campers to get moving to the music. The studio also serves as a multipurpose space — as theatre programs also take place here alongside other programs. LCD campers also use this space for talent show practice.
  23. Middle Courts – Girls Basketball convenes here at the Middle Courts. LuHi’s Girls Basketball program and Varsity Girls team is directed by Coach Christina Raiti, a former All-State player and Trinity College Girls Basketball Captain. Our program is open to new and seasoned players! G.I.F.T. and LCD campers also share the Middle Courts, as our schedule rotates weekly.
  24. STEM Center – Plot twist: there are actually two STEM Centers on LuHi’s campus! On the map, our dedicated STEM Center (located near the Visscher Gym) is home to our Robotics and Engineering Programs, which is run by the X-RobotX team and Pete Xanthus! Our second STEM Center is located under the Performing Arts Center (10) and is where Video Game Design, as well as Competitive Gaming & E-Sports, all reside. The STEM Director is the widely-respected Harold Kennedy, who has worked at LuHi for 13 years!
  25. Health Center – The Health Office at LuHi is devoted to taking care of your child in any case of emergency. We value your child’s health, that’s why we have two registered nurses as well as a support EMT staff on hand, so that you can feel safe knowing your child is protected. The EMT staff will venture out to any part of the campus that nurses can’t reach, including fields and courts. Cathy Crimmins, who serves as the Director of the Nurse Staff, is available for any and all questions from parents!
  26. Main Entrance – At the Main Entrance, parents will drop off their children here. Happy staffers will then guide your children safely from the car to their intended groups in the Visscher Gym (12). As the central-most location on LuHi’s campus, this is where a number of off-campus programs take place as well — including Adventures on the Road, Golf, Gymnastics, Nature and Outdoor Discovery, and Equestrian. Private tours also begin here.
  27. CIT HeadQuarters – The CIT HeadQuarters is where CIT campers congregate for morning and afternoon meetings. Here, CPR training is administered, protocol is discussed alongside directors, and group assignments are dispersed. True leadership and teamwork are built at the CIT HeadQuarters!
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