3 Ways to Encourage Creative Thinking in Your Child

When it’s cold, snowy, or rainy outside, it’s hard to find a child who wouldn’t enjoy drawing or painting, coming up with elaborate stories and plays, or playing dress up? In addition to being plain old fun, these kinds of creative pursuits can have significant and long-term health advantages for your child – regardless of their age.

The best place to start cultivating creativity begins at home, so it’s important for parents to consider all the ways they can encourage creative thinking in their young children.

To help youngsters grow and develop throughout the critical early stages of their lives, the cultivation of creative thinking skills is truly paramount. What’s more, activities that boost the skill of creative thinking in children are great ways for the entire family to bond! Below are three of our favorite ways to encourage creative thinking in children. 

Utilize Building Toys and Games

Your children’s creativity will soar as they construct and play with their own unique creations using building toys. For younger children, they may enjoy creating a city out of blocks while older children will appreciate creating playsets, for example, based on their favorite TV and movie heroes. Toys like blocks and Legos can help children develop basic problem-solving skills as well as their creative abilities.

Arts and Crafts

In the grown-up world, creativity is a skill that has its place in nearly every aspect of adult life. In order to be creative in the workplace, for example, a person must be able to think outside the box. This is a skill in its own right which requires having a firm grasp of a concept or idea in order to generate novel ideas and heuristic approaches to solving problems. Creative thinking in young children can be cultivated through exposure to the arts – and what better way to give your child a creative outlet than through a fun and easy craft? 

Encourage Indoor Play and Exercise 

With an indoor play set or jungle gym (or even a DIY obstacle course), parents gain access to an incredible tool for fostering a creative environment in their homes through imaginative play. Plus, children get the added benefit of exercise throughout the day. During the winter, weather can be a real hindrance to your efforts to keep your child active and engaged.

At LuHi, there’s nothing more important to our team than the growth and development of your child. Visit our website today for more tips on encouraging creative thinking in your child!

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