Spring Sports: Getting Your Child Prepared

With spring coming, that means your child’s school is gearing up for a new sports season. With sports like track and field, baseball, tennis, and lacrosse primarily making up spring sports, here’s what you can do to get your child prepared for the upcoming season.

Check In with Your Child’s Pediatrician

Visiting the pediatrician is an important step to ensure your child’s health and wellbeing — especially if you plan on enrolling them in spring sports. As a responsible parent, it is essential that you check in with the pediatrician regularly, so they can monitor your child’s growth and development, answer any questions or concerns you have, and provide medical advice. 

Not only does this help to identify any potential health problems early on, but it also serves as a great opportunity for parents to get support about how best to care for their child. Keep in mind that social distancing/masking  procedures may be in place, so make sure you ask the receptionist about your clinic’s protocol or research online before going — it could make all the difference!

Getting the Right (and Safe) Equipment for Spring Sports

spring sportsWhen gearing up for spring sports season, it’s important to make sure that you’re getting the right and safe equipment. Whether you’re playing baseball, soccer, or any other spring sport, be sure to get the necessary assigned gear from a trusted source. 

Not only does this ensure your safety on the field, but it also guarantees that you won’t need to upgrade or change anything when a game rolls around! Make sure your spring sports experience is safe and enjoyable by investing in quality equipment.

Make Sure Your Child is Getting Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep is so important for children. Not getting an adequate amount of sleep can drastically affect their health, both physically and mentally, and affect their spring sports performance. It can cause poor performance in school, disruptive behavior, and problems with concentration — all things we want to avoid! Parents should make sure their child is getting the right amount of rest at night — experts generally recommend…

  • Preschoolers = 10-13 hours, plus naps
  • Kids ages 6-13 = 9-12 hours
  • Teens ages 14-17 = 8-10 hours of sleep

Creating a good bedtime routine helps ensure that a child gets enough restful sleep — for example, taking time before bed to wind down with a book or another activity that relaxes them. This can help set them up for a healthy night’s sleep and give them the energy they need for the day ahead.

Ensuring Proper Nutrition for Your Child

Ensuring your child gets proper nutrition is essential for their growth and development through the spring sports season. Have you ever heard the phrase “you are what you eat”? It’s true! A healthy and nutritionally balanced diet will provide them with the nutrients they need to stay healthy and help establish a well-rounded diet that is easy to maintain as they age. 

Start by introducing them to a variety of foods, as this encourages adventurous eating habits early on. Make sure they are getting lean proteins, healthy fats, slow-release carbohydrates, fruits & vegetables — all of these groups provide a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are critical to their nutritional needs.

When it comes to snacks, opt for low sugar options such as yogurt, nuts or nut butters, and make sure mealtime includes whole grains such as oats or quinoa. Lastly, encourage water intake too — skip the sugary drinks for good! Keeping an eye on your child’s nutrition does so much more than influence their health; it shapes how they think about food later in life.

Academic Success Doesn’t Stop with Sports

And although spring sports can mean a ton to your child, education should still be their top priority. Academic success is much more than high grades — it’s about putting effort into learning, understanding complex ideas, and fostering communication skills that assist in problem-solving. It teaches resilience by training students to approach problems from multiple angles and creatively find solutions.

Investing in education means ensuring a successful future for yourself; employers are increasingly seeking college graduates who demonstrate their comprehensive knowledge of a particular field as well as their soft skills, such as teamwork and critical thinking. So for those lucky enough to have the resources to pursue education, don’t let it go to waste! Nurture your education regardless of any other extracurricular activities like sports or music. With determination and dedication, you can succeed both on the field and in the classroom!

Participating in sports can certainly give you an edge in education, but academic success isn’t necessarily limited to athletes. It’s important to remember that education is a multifaceted field, and success can take many forms. 

Even if a student chooses not to participate in sports, they can still find success educationally by getting involved with their school’s debate team or student council. With time and dedication, any bright mind can develop the skills necessary to achieve their goals while advocating for successful education initiatives. Academic success doesn’t stop with sports, it only begins with effort.

Don’t Put Too Much Pressure on Your Child

While spring sports are a great way for kids to have fun, stay active and make new friends, also keep in mind it shouldn’t be something you’re pushing your child to excel at. Sports should be about having a good time, being engaged with peers and participating in an activity that is beneficial for their well-being. 

Too much pressure on the child can lead to feelings of dismay if the child didn’t perform at “peak level” or if they don’t win. We want children to enjoy the process of playing spring sports, have pride in participating and be positive when reflecting on their performance.

Be Supportive!

As spring sports start up for kids, it’s important to remember that as a parent or guardian, your support can make all the difference! Being supportive of your child’s spring sports activities is essential to helping them reach their full potential.

Being a parent or guardian of a child who participates in spring sports can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Providing support through encouragement, guidance, and positive reinforcement is essential for helping kids reach their full potential in spring sports. 

Spring Sports at LuHi

At LuHi, we offer a number of sports and activities that keep your child active and engaged. Furthermore, with our experienced camp counselors and staff, your child will feel at home — all while making lifelong memories and lifelong pals.

With the positive environment that we foster, LuHi is the place for your child to be this summer. To learn more about our camp offerings, please visit our website and get in touch with us today!

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