Long Island Activities for the Entire Family to Enjoy this Winter

Despite its modest size, Long Island has much to offer in the ways of family fun and activity. With such a dense population, the Island serves as a cultural melting pot, making for the perfect environment to introduce children to the many different ways of experiencing the world. 

With bustling communities proud to offer their own unique outlook on the New York experience, Long Island is so much more than a collection of beaches, going far beyond the limits of the stereotypical country club or golf course. There’s so much to see and so much to do, and there’s no limit to the fun that can be had for the entire family – whether out on the Island or at home! 

The Importance of Varied Social Experiences for Young Children

When it comes to teaching young children about the world we live in, diversity and variety in social experiences are paramount. By exposing children to as many different social experiences and activities as possible, we teach them the important skills of empathy and tolerance of others while also strengthening their social skills. 

This winter, take advantage of all the fun that Long Island activities have to offer your child – and for particularly anxious children, we’ve also included ways to keep them engaged from the comfort of your own home.

Long Island Activities

Your Local Library

We can’t begin to emphasize how valuable libraries are for family learning and fun. The libraries throughout the Long Island area are wonderful about posting their events to their individual websites and social media accounts, so families can always stay up-to-date about the latest news and goings-on in their communities. To get involved, visit your local library in-person or online for more information about upcoming programs for arts and crafts, educational opportunities, and field trips.

The Long Island Children’s Museum

For children of all ages, the Long Island Children’s Museum provides 14 interactive exhibits as well as live theater, art studios, and daily educational events. The many displays, workshops, and performances managed by the museum are all geared toward encouraging young children to think creatively and collaborate with others. 

Long Island State Parks

The beautiful state and community parks of Long Island offer a wide range of activities for families and children of all ages to enjoy. Long Island activities offered by the state parks for the winter season may include guided in-depth tours of park facilities; school visits; children’s programs and events; family programs; museum exhibitions; presentations and lectures; and book signings. Children can also enjoy the winter snow in any of the playgrounds or fields scattered across the parks. 

At-Home Activities

Seasonal Crafts

Get your creative juices flowing with a seasonal craft! DIY projects and crafts are fun for the entire family, and they’re the perfect way to keep children of all ages engaged. Some ideas include paper snowflakes, DIY wreath designs, and hand-painted holiday cards. 

Holiday Recipes

Cooking is the perfect way to bring the entire family together this holiday season. One of the greatest benefits of including your children in holiday cooking and baking is the confidence boost they feel from the responsibility of mixing ingredients, managing cooking times, and reading recipes. 

Letters to Santa

Writing a letter to Santa is a hallmark of the Christmas season – and if you don’t celebrate the holiday, there are a number of ways you can adapt this holiday tradition to suit your own family, such as addressing the letter to family members or another holiday entity. 

This holiday season, strive to make the happiest memories for your family and your children. Whether you choose to spend the holidays at home or take advantage of all that Long Island activities have to offer, being together as a family is the best way to ensure your children get the most out of this joyous time of year.

Happy holidays from all of us at LuHi Day Camp! 

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