Classic Super Bowl Traditions for Your Family and Friends

It’s that time of year again! Super Bowl season is well underway — which means it’s time to gather your friends and family for an eventful evening of football. Ahead of LuHi’s Super Camp Sunday, here are some classic Super Bowl traditions that’ll make the night even more exciting!

Super Bowl Traditions Include Party Time!

super bowl traditionsIt wouldn’t be a Super Bowl without a gathering, would it? Probably the biggest of Super Bowl traditions includes having a party with your family and/or friends. So what separates a Super Bowl party from a regular one?


What kind of party would it be without food? Furthermore, what kind of Super Bowl party would it be without pizza and wings?!?!

In fact, did you know that in 2022, the National Chicken Council predicted that 1.42 billion chicken wings would be consumed for that year’s Super Bowl? That’s a lot of wings! Be sure to stockpile as many wings as you can for the big game and don’t forget your favorite sauces, too. Everyone loves a good buffalo wing, but you can’t go wrong with some BBQ wings and other zesty flavors! And be sure to get bleu cheese and ranch — you don’t want to pick one or the other and cause a ruckus between ranch and bleu cheese lovers!


The Super Bowl is a fun time for the whole family. To make it a wonderful experience, you’ll need to create a comfortable and relaxing setting. You’ll want to bring out the big TV and make sure there are enough chairs for everyone.

You should have plenty of snacks, drinks, and finger foods on hand so that everyone can eat what they like. Make sure that everyone has what they need before the game starts so that no one has to interrupt playtime just so someone can grab some food!

What to Wear

Your favorite team’s jersey, of course! Duh!

Super Bowl Commercial Marathon

Another one of those big Super Bowl traditions include watching the famous commercials that go along with it. Every year, Super Bowl commercials are a big part of the game’s appeal. They’re often funny, memorable and can occasionally become pop culture classics (remember the Snickers ad with Betty White?!).

Before the big game, you, your family, and your friends can get ready by watching compilations of old Super Bowl commercials.

Revisit Classic Halftime Shows

Halftime Shows are an essential part of Super Bowl traditions. The perfect mid-game break, Halftime Shows provide some of the most culturally important moments of the year. Who can forget The Weeknd’s performance from 2021?!

Like the commercial marathon, you can take the time out to revisit classic halftime shows online to get ready for this year’s performance. Some performances to check out include:

Experience Super Camp Sunday at LuHi!

Get your child hyped for both the big game AND summer camp by visiting our first Open House, Super Camp Sunday! Our Open House will take place on the morning of the Super Bowl, Sunday, February 12th from 10am to 12pm.

Come on down and experience what life is like at LuHi Summer Camps! To sign up, please visit our website or get in touch for more information!

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